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Musical teachers create musical students – why CPD events matter

What is the point of music teachers attending professional development events when online learning is a cheaper, convenient and time saving option? From the comfort of your laptop or mobile device you can increase your subject knowledge, keep on top of the latest trends, learn what the experts are saying, debate in forums and save having to brave the roads or railways and justify a day out of school or the office.

Here’s why. Because musical teachers help to create musical students, and an implicit part of ‘being musical’ is coming together and having the opportunity to connect through music.

All of Musical Futures professional development – is deeply connected to and derived from how students learn music, and is almost entirely experiential and collaborative.

Workshops are practical, hands-on and will place delegates in the position of their learners – putting instruments in their hands and unlocking their voices – and showing how a range of informal and non-formal teaching and learning strategies can be effectively applied in the classroom.

Professional development is above all about connecting with like-minded individuals, participating in a shared experience, and building relationships that last way beyond a one-day event.

Good professional development helps you to stay interested and interesting, inspired and inspiring, and provides a critical opportunity – in our increasingly digitized world – to learn from and with each other.

An ongoing refresh of mastery for your subject is critical, but it can and should be engaging and fun too. 

Edited on 2nd December 2016